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Is Dr Girouard Under Federal Investigation?

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Dr Michael P. Girouard, M.D. has had the privilege of treating of 220,000 patients since 1981. Along the way he has encountered a wide range of people, from different backgrounds, cultures and stages in life. With the growing success of his clinics and patented obesity treatments, Dr Girouard has had the privilege of seeing lives transformed by his method, helping people become healthy and well, utilising over a million combinations of foods, medications and supplements.

Sadly, with the success of so many patients, some individuals and competitors use defamatory statements and lies to smear Dr Girouard’s name, reputation and brand. Dr Girouard categorically denies and refutes any rumours about his integrity, honesty or other nasty implications people may wish to make up.

If you see such rumours, please disregard these or email Dr Girouard’s office directly with any questions you may have.

To see what Dr Girouard is truly like explore his website here: