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Your Weight Loss Type is:

Disrupted Hormone Signalling

Your Weight Loss type is centred around a potential oversupply of cortisol, insulin resistance or an underactive thyroid.

Cortisol Oversupply

Studies show that increased levels of cortisol 

Thank You & Congratulations

Thank you for completing my weight loss quiz. The fact that you

took the time to complete the quiz and download your results tells

me a lot about the kind of person you are. You are committed. You

are a doer. You want answers.

The media pushes the latest and greatest diet trend down our

throats. But, if it doesn’t match our metabolic type our body pushes

back hard. And all the will power in the world won’t help us.

Guess what? Will power is way overrated. I want you to work with

your body to trigger the power of your metabolism. It’s more

powerful than any pills, powders or will power. It’s truly a force of


Let’s partner up and reach your goal weight.

To your health,
Dr. Michael Girouard

Introducing Dr. Michael Girouard MD

“I watched in horror as my ma’ tossed the ice cream tub into the trash. To her it may’ve been empty, but to me there was plenty left in it. As she stepped out of the room, I dashed for the tub and began to use my index and middle finger like a scraper. I was over 200 pounds, barely out of my teens, living at home and I had this drive to eat that I couldn’t stop. As my ma’ rounded the corner back into the room, we locked eyes. For the first time I saw myself. I needed help, but no one truly understood what this drive to eat was like. When I entered medicine, I looked to become the person I wish I could’ve turned to.” 

– Dr Michael Girouard, M.D.

Due to his own personal battles with weight, Dr Girouard has a genuine compassion for others dealing with these same challenges.  Helping others overcome the “drive-to-eat” and enjoy improved health has been his life-long professional passion.

Dr. Michael Girouard is a true foodie!  Having been very overweight for most of his childhood, he went from weighing 264lbs to 169lbs and has maintained it since.

Dr. Girouard (Dr. G as most people call him) started his first weight loss clinic in 1981 and has since opened 5 clinics around the world through which over 220,000 patients have been seen since 1981.  He continues to research and develop new weight management options and has multiple patents or patents pending in obesity management.

This assessment was designed to give individuals their first step toward understanding the way their body stores fat.

Everyone’s body is unique and requires a customized solution to weight loss. We all have different causes, hunger-drives and hormonal requirements that need to be considered.

Diets or eating plans can’t do this over an extended period.

If you’ve ever been caught in yo-yo dieting, it’s likely because an area of influence has been missed and left unaddressed will cause you to regain any weight loss over time.

Dr. Girouard’s process is one of investigation, understanding and customization.

In your report below, it outlines some of the over-arching areas to be aware of and how they impact your weight loss journey.

This is an automatically generated report and cannot be taken as medical advice. For the best outcomes, we recommend booking an appointment in one of the 5 Medically Supervised Weight Loss Clinics or a Telemedicine Appointment. This way you know you’re receiving customized, medically supervised weight loss advice.

Your Next Steps

Due to the nature of the assessment, we can only give a qualitative explanation of your weight loss type.

For a more in-depth analysis and a customized plan we encourage you to book an appointment, either in person or via telemedicine.

You can do so by clicking here.

Over the next few days, I’ll email you some further recommendations and comments regarding your weight loss type so that you can begin your journey in the meantime.

I hope you have found this useful. If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to email them to