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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is your program effective?

Dr. Girouard has been able to help more than 220,000 patients since 1981. The success of the program he developed is based on many years of experience, countless hours dedicated to obesity related research, and a true passion to help patients overcome their weight struggles.

How does your program work?

The program consists of:

  1. a specific diet which is clinically proven to increase a patient’s metabolic rate and speed fat burning
  2. the option of weekly or twice-a-week HCG injections, which, based on our experience and the testimony of hundreds of thousands of patients, improves fat loss, especially in those “hard to lose” areas, and is safe and effective
  3. Professional medical visits to address problems, challenges, answer questions and give encouragement & advice as to how to best lose excess, unhealthy body fat.
Hunger: The Big Bad Wolf

Hunger is the big bad wolf that stops most diets. We treat hunger as a true physiological symptom, just like any other symptom of any other chronic illness. Over forty years of experience using various medications and supplements allows us to make dieting “comfortable”.

What can we expect?

On your first visit, you will be given a booklet and watch an information video written by Dr. Girouard. The booklet has detailed information about our program and many of the various medications and supplements we use to help you lose. With over a million combinations of medications and supplements, obviously not all are covered, but this is the advantage of our health care providers, thoroughly trained Dr. Michael Girouard and Dr. Jonie Girouard, separate us from other weight loss clinics. And, of course, the experience of over 40 years and over 220,000 patients treated.

Can I make appointments via email or through your website?

YES! You can make appointments through our Facebook page or website “Book appointment” button. Because of security issues, we do not offer email online booking.

Do you accept checks as a form of payment? How about insurance?

We do not accept checks. We do however, accept Visa and Mastercard as long as the credit card is issued to you in your name. We accept FLEX spending cards. We do not submit to or negotiate with insurance companies. We DO give our patients paperwork to assist them in submitting self-claims for reimbursement if their insurance plan covers weight loss services.

Many insurance companies still consider weight loss services a cosmetic benefit. However, we are starting to see that insurance companies are starting to reimburse our patients, so we make available the properly notated receipts and required paperwork.

I just had a baby and I'm breastfeeding, can I do your program?

Unfortunately all the medications we use to control your appetite and to expedite your weight loss are contraindicated if you are breastfeeding. Please note, while breastfeeding your nutritional needs are different and dieting during this time may decrease your milk production. Breastfeeding is the ideal form of nutrition for your baby as we do not want to discourage you from breastfeeding. If for any reason you stop breastfeeding, please do give us a call and schedule an appointment so we can start your weight loss program.

Do I need Medical Clearance from my doctor to be eligible for appetite suppressants?

There are some medical conditions and medications that may not be appropriate for use with certain appetite suppressants or in which hCG is not advised. In this case, at your first appointment we will review these conditions and we will contact your doctor for medical clearance to make sure you can safely use appetite suppressants or other medications recommended. Your well-being is our chief priority.

I have heard I can purchase appetite suppressants and HCG online. Is this safe?

NO! Not only is it illegal in most cases, you may be purchasing something potentially harmful. Our pharmacy and providers are licensed and regulated by the NC Board of Pharmacy in accordance with their guidelines. The medications we prescribe are safe and FDA approved. To note hCG (oral) drops were deemed illegal by the FDA in 2011.

How much does the program cost? Do I have to commit to multiple months?

Check out our pricing details at the following link by clicking here. We have never required a multi-month financial commitment or contract. However, our most successful patients see us every 4 weeks.

Do you have a maintenance program? What happens when I reach my goal?

YOU BET! Our maintenance/weight control program now features some new treatments designed to help keep excess fat from returning and making it harder for your body to store fat!

Diabetes: Can people with diabetes do your program safely?

ABSOLUTELY! We love treating people with diabetes, both Type 1 and Type 2. We have seen many people with diabetes reduce their medication requirements and some Type 2 people with diabetes are even able to discontinue their meds completely!

Can I eat real food on your diet plan?

YES! Our goal is to help you lose in “the real world of food”. We don’t sell pre-packaged meals. Besides, the grocery stores are filled with inexpensive and good tasting pre-made meals. Our patients succeed by eating “real meals” – even FAST FOODS!!. That’s the Dr. Girouard Advantage.

Do you offer any cosmetic services?
Yes!  We offer Xeomin/Botox injections and chemical peels at each of the North Carolina clinics.  Please call 704-766-1000 to schedule as these appointments cannot be made online.
How much protein should I be eating in a day? Can I get TOO much protein?

How much protein your body needs depends on your muscle mass, your gender as well as your activity level. Dr. Girouard recommends a goal of 90-100 grams per day. The easiest way to do that is 30 grams for breakfast, lunch and dinner and then a bit for a 4 pm snack. There are certain medical conditions that may change this recommendation and your provider will advise you of these at your appointment. A quick way to estimate your individual protein need is using a protein calculator like this one:

Are lipotropic injections available?

Yes, they are available. Depending on your weight loss journey, lipotropic injections may be recommended as part of your individualized treatment program.

Your Health and Wellness

Dr. Girouard was one of the first to advocate what several recent medical studies have proven to be the most effective, safest, and healthiest diet for weight loss. Adding his own unique breakthrough discoveries, he has developed an optimal eating plan which produces better results than the traditional 500 Calorie Simeon diet without the severe calorie restriction.

The result is an eating plan that is hailed by Dr. Girouard’s patients as easy to follow and readily modifiable to suit individual lifestyles and tastes. Licensed providers will see you at each office visit to answer questions, offer guidance, and provide food and lifestyle suggestions to carry you beyond successful weight loss, all the way to healthy and successful weight maintenance.