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“Tony Just Ended His 20-Year Battle with Weight: He Credits the Dr Girouard’s Clinic”​

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For over 20-years Tony had tried to lose weight. An athlete in his youth, Tony was accustomed to the large meals required to sustain high levels of swimming and football.

After high school Tony found a job driving concrete trucks and his ability to stay active took a back seat as he took on more hours to support his growing family.

Before long Tony was trying different diets, exercises, and programs to get on top of his health.

“I’ve been trying for 20-plus years to lose weight. And now my hips and knees are shot. So exercising is out of the question.”

“My knees and hips got so painful from the weight that I couldn’t walk up the stairs to get inside.”

“I was tired all the time. Once I sat down on the couch for the evening that was it. I was there for the night.” 

Tony was desperate for results as his weight began to impact his mobility, his job and his relationships with his family.

“We’ve just about tried everything. I mean really everything.”

“I tried high-carb prepared meals, calorie counting, hypnotherapy and all number of fad diets. A few of them worked for a bit but the results would never last, and the weight came back on again. I was disappointed by that.”

“I would’ve spent $18,000 at least on everything over the years.”

After a visit to their local pharmacy, the pharmacist said, “There was only one place he should go to lose weight” and that was to one of Dr Girouard’s Clinics.”

“When my wife Elaine told me I had an appointment at the clinic I thought, ‘Here we bloody go again…’”

“Another plate, another diet, another lot of rules to stick with.”

“When we got to Dr Girouard’s clinic, they asked some questions about my lifestyle, looked at my medications and checked my body composition.”

“Other doctors said I needed to get my weight down to 90Kg but at Dr Girouard’s clinic, they told me, “That’s not quite right. You’ll be losing muscle weight.”

“They continued to explain that some people have more muscle and carry more muscle weight.”

“When I was younger, I wasn’t skinny. I had huge forearms, did a lot of swimming, played a lot of football, all those sorts of things.”

Dr Girouard looked at my medications and after various tests said, ‘I think we can help you.’”

“It was the best Tuesday ever. They actually UNDERSTOOD what I had been fighting for 20 years.”

“It was the best Tuesday ever. They actually UNDERSTOOD what I had been fighting for 20 years.”

“After working with countless other doctors, coaches, and dietary programs that stuck me in their little boxes, at the Girouard clinic they actually made a customised medical program just for me.”

“It was a breath of fresh air the way the clinic genuinely cared and treated me with respect. They didn’t just treat me like another big fat guy. They spoke to me as a person, not as a statistic. They had a passion to help and you could tell they meant it.”

Tony’s wife shared, “Tony started shedding weight within the first week. His appetite seemed to vanish entirely. Whatever the clinic had given him was working! I knew something had changed, when Tony was the one getting up off the couch to make the cups of tea.”

“Every minute of every day I was hungry, food was all I’d think about. Since visiting the clinic, that has drastically changed.”

“Imagine having a rash all over, itching like crazy all day, driving you mad. That was my hunger. Now imagine someone putting a cream on and it goes away. That was what the Girouard clinic did for my hunger.”

“It’s truly changed my life.”

“My knees and hips are feeling better. I have more energy. I feel amazing.”

“Two people from work have booked an appointment. I’ll tell anyone who listens about the Dr Girouard clinics and what they’ve done for me.”

“If you truly want help with losing weight, just have 1 appointment and see what happens. For me the experience was very enjoyable and changed my life.”

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